Why Fiberglass

Why Install a Fiberglass Pool?

Installing a new pool requires a good deal of forethought, as you want to ensure you’re still happy with it 10, 20, and even 30 years down the line.


Fiber glass pool designs are putting more focus on quality and durability while simultaneously keeping costs down.

What Shapes/Sizes Do They Allow For?

The 4 pool shapes you’ll be able to choose from are: rectangular; roman, kidney and freeform.

What Colors/Finishes Do They Allow For?

The finish on a fiberglass pool is a triple-layered, 25 to 30 mm gel coating made from colored resin. It needs precisely three layers because if the gel is too thin it can bubble, and if too thick it can crack.


Just like any swimming pool finish (ie. plaster, aggregate, tile), color tones for a fiberglass pool finish can vary. These include various shades of blue, white, or grey.


Lighter colors keep the water transparent and tropical-looking, whereas darker shades make the water opaque and appear deeper (like a lake). Some gel finishes will even include speckled variants which reflect sunlight to make the water sparkle.


Fading of pool finishes is common across the board, and fiberglass pools are no exception. However, this process is so gradual with this finish that you won’t even notice it happening.


Plenty of options.


When designing a pool you want to take into account the aesthetics of the entire backyard, so you can match (or contrast) colors and features.


Aside from customizing the size, shape, and color of the finish, you can add waterline tiles to these pools. This adds a touch of luxury with an upscale accent, while not having to deck out the entire pool in tiles, which is extremely costly.


Lighting can bring your pool to life at night, and you can customize the number of lights and where they’re located for maximum effect. There are LED options that can be set on timers, using pre-programmed color cycles to create your own backyard light show.


Pool water features can also be incorporated into a fiberglass pool design. These features are quickly gaining in popularity as they’re relatively low cost, and provide visual flair to your pool.


These features include things like waterfalls, scones, scuppers, fountainsdeck jets, bubblers and water slides.


Additionally, the pool deck can also be customized. You can choose your own material for the deck and coping (ie. concrete, travertine, stone), and it can be designed to contrast or blend with the pool water color.

How Do They Feel To The Touch?

Smooth to the touch.


Fiberglass pools are the smoothest feeling out of all pool types. This is because of the gel finish they’re coated with.


Concrete pools can be rough, and plaster finishes can be smooth but bumpy. Aggregate finishes are textured for grip (and style), and vinyl-lined pools feel smooth but slippery.


Fiberglass pools give you a smooth and stable surface that is also anti-slip, making it ideal when entering and exiting the pool.


Extremely low maintenance.


Out of all the swimming pool types, fiberglass pools require the least amount of cleaning and are also the easiest to clean.


For starters, due to their non-porous and smooth gel finish, it makes it hard for micro debris and various types of algae to attach itself and spread throughout the surface.


When getting rid of algae by shocking, a fiberglass pool will be good to go in 24 hours, whereas it can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to clear up a vinyl liner or concrete pool.


While you should practice regular pool maintenance no matter the pool style, the gel finish in fiberglass pools can be damaged with harsh cleaning products.


For the most part all you need is a skimmer net, a vacuum, and a damp rag with some mild pool cleaner to clean up any grimey areas. Keeping the water line clean is also important so that nothing eats away at the gel.


As for filtration, these pools only need 1 circulation of pool water per day compared to concrete pools which require 2. Less running of your system means less electricity used, means less money you’re spending.


Easiest type of pool to install.


The single structure shell design of these pools make them the easiest type to install. Some people with advanced construction skills can even do it themselves, but we recommend letting a professional do your install to avoid any problems.


The entire process can take a few weeks, although some installs can be done in a few days. It really depends on your backyard and the amount of work that it requires in preparation.


After you have a layout of the backyard (pool location, deck, landscaping, etc.), excavation can begin. Once the hole is dug, a bed of sand is laid on the floor to give the pool a base.


The pool structure is then placed and leveled. Backfilling begins while the pool is simultaneously filled with water so that there’s equal pressure and stability.


A concrete bond beam is then installed keeping the shell in place by anchoring it. The final piece is the installation of the deck, and you’re ready to swim!


16′ x 40′ – 2″, Depth 3′ – 9″ to 6′ – 3″ *

Soak up the sun in the Synergy, its subtle curves provide the perfect balance between the modern feel of a rectangle and the creative spirit of a freeform.

Specs & Features

Below you will discover a number of details relating to this pool shape. Information included ranges from this shape’s exact measurements to features that are included and available options to consider. If it’s not exactly what you were looking for please make sure to check out our other Similar Models.

Sizes & Specs

16′ x 40′ – 2″, Depth 3′ – 9″ to 6′ – 3″ *


Swim Up Seating

Swim up seating is the perfect way to enjoy your swimming pool. Submerge yourself partially under the water to effortlessly enjoy your pool. Benches and seats bring a great conversation area into the pool. Most folks just want to relax when they hit the water; these offer a great way to do that. In fact, some of our customers have referred to them as their beverage bench. They enjoy winding down at the end of a long day with their favorite beverage in hand.


Slip Resistant Steps

These offer secure entry points into the swimming pool. Both young and old will be using the swimming pool, so it is essential to have a convenient option for entering the pool. All entry steps are easy on the feet and help ensure safety.


Lifetime Warranty

Latham products are known for their innovative technical features, many exclusive and patented, that improve product performance and extend product life. We also pay rigorous attention to detail throughout the manufacturing and Quality Assurance process. Because we design and build our products better, we are able to back them better – with the longest, strongest warranties in the business. please visit YourPoolWarranty.com.


Crystite Color Technology

Crystite Colors and Crystite Technology were introduced to the swimming pool industry in 1995. Over the past 24 years they have become the fiberglass swimming pool industry’s premier color family. This is why Latham offers exclusive color options utilizing this leading edge technology.


Fiberglass Laminate Construction

Latham’s Fiberglass Pools are the strongest in the industry. With the use of Reinforced Ribbing, Carbon Fiber and Biaxal reinforcements as well as Ceramic Infused Polyester combined with Pure VE Fiberglass, Latham is able to achieve increases the strength/flexural stiffness of our shells by 32%.



Waterline tile and mosaics are a fun and creative way to give your pool a personal touch. We are happy to offer a variety of tile options for your pool. Tile is available on steps, floors and around the perimeter. Be sure to ask your Latham Independent Builder to show you the various options and layouts that are available.



Bubblers are the icing on the cake when it comes to having a Water Feature You Can Swim In! These simple built-in features require very little water and are economical to run around the clock. An easy way to create outdoor elegance. Bubblers are available on all Fiberglass swimming pool models, tanning ledges, and fountain pans.


Automatic Vacuums

This is the perfect option to make cleaning your Latham Fiberglass Pool effortless. Different options are available so be sure to check with your Latham Independent Builder for the model that is right for you.



Listen to the intoxicating sounds of waterfalls that originate in the coping of your own Latham Pool. Latham Cascades are available in a variety of sizes and quantities for invigorating and attractive waterfalls that fit the size and landscape of your pool.



Pick and choose your spillways and spill-overs. Make them as wide or as narrow as you desire. You can also add as many as you want! Why be stuck with an ugly, small pre-made spillway? Go with a Latham Pool & you don’t have to!



Enjoy your Latham Fiberglass Pool and Spa long into the night with added lighting options. Choose from a variety of styles and brands to create your perfect late night getaway.


Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledges offer luxury living at its finest. If you are looking to bring home that resort vacation, tanning ledges are a great way to recreate that experience in your backyard. Tanning ledges can vary in depth, our standard for a tanning ledge is 12” from the top of the pool which equates to about  6”-8” of water depth. Outfit the tanning ledge with ledge loungers, bubblers and enjoy your favorite beverage.

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