Pool Safety Guide

Pool Safety

A swimming pool is a fun and exciting addition to your backyard and can provide countless hours of entertainment for friends and family. It’s essential for pool owners to understand best practices and pool safety to help family members stay safe inside and outside of the pool. This pool safety guide will give you guidance on protecting your family from common swimming pool hazards.

Safety Is The Key

Smart pool owners always think safety first. They take specific steps to ensure that their family, friends and guests are aware of the safe, sensible use of the swimming pool. Responsible pool owners urge these people not to use the pool if they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, stimulants or any other substance that might impair their judgement or physical abilities.
Talk with your Home Pro Independent Builder about installing additional safety devices like pool surface alarms, safety covers and child-safety barriers that meet your local building and safety codes and guidelines published by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. Safety ropes should always remain in place.

**Disclaimer: While Home Pro has decades of experience in the pool industry, we are not safety or legal experts and this blog is not intended as professional legal advice. The opinions and specifications are not Home Pro’s, but from pool safety websites and authorities. Please be sure to check your local laws and when in doubt, adhere to the most restrictive laws for your area.

How Do You Stay Safe in the Pool?

Staying safe in the pool requires a dedicated effort from pool owners and family members. Besides ensuring that pool users learn how to swim and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, pool safety also involves maintaining proper water chemistry and following any rules and regulations for your particular location.
First and foremost, make sure that anyone who uses your pool knows how to swim. Children should not be permitted to use the pool without supervision and parents should understand proper pool safety for kids. Kids aren’t the only ones who are vulnerable around a swimming pool; you also want to follow best practices for pool safety for pets and make sure no one uses the pool alone if they’re not confident in their swimming ability.
Maintaining proper water chemistry is also important to keep family members and pool users safe and maximize the longevity of your swimming pool. When your pool water is out of balance, it can cause skin and eye irritation and lead to aesthetic issues like wrinkles in your pool liner and pitting and corrosion. Our water chemistry guide can help you maintain the proper water balance in your pool.
For more information on how to keep your friends and family safe in the pool, visit the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

Are Automatic Pool Covers Safe?

While it is always important to check local safety codes, there are a number of national and international groups that classify and certify automatic safety covers as a proper safety barrier. For example, under the 2015 version of the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC), an automatic safety cover that meets ASTM standard F 1346-91 can be used in lieu of a fence. Specifically Coverstar has been independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories and found to meet and exceed those standards.

Common Pool Safety Questions

Why is Pool Safety Important?
Pool safety is important to protect children, loved ones, friends and pets from potential injuries. Besides following recommended guidelines and drowning prevention best practices, using effective pool safety barriers (more on that below), you also want to ensure the area surrounding your pool is safe to prevent injuries and accidental falls. Keeping your pool area safe, dry, free from pool toys and clutter, and following proper pool safety rules and regulations can help you prevent common accidents.
How Do I Keep My Child Out of the Pool?

You can keep your child out of the pool by establishing strict rules and teaching them proper pool safety. Make sure they understand they are not permitted to use the pool without adult supervision. For younger kids, you may want to invest in a life vest for an added layer of safety.


Prepare for unexpected accidents by constructing a pool fence or installing a pool safety cover. An automatic safety cover opens and closes at the push of a button and will give you peace of mind that your loved ones will be safe and won’t enter the pool unattended.

Pool Safety Barriers

Pool safety barriers can help you keep loved ones and pets out of your pool. When it comes to pool safety options, there are several to choose from including pool safety fences, safety nets, pool covers and pool alarms. The best solution may be to combine multiple pool safety barriers, like a pool fence and alarm. This way you will have more than one level of defense to keep anyone or anything out of your pool without your supervision.

Make sure to check any Homeowner’s Association or safety regulations for your location, as this can determine which type of fence or safety equipment you can install around your pool.

Are Pool Fences Safe?
Pool fences can add an additional layer of safety, if they are used properly. Keep gates locked and make sure your fence is high and sturdy enough to keep kids from climbing over the fence to access your pool. Aluminum or mesh-panel fences are generally the safest, but again, check any specific requirements for your neighborhood or location to determine the best material and size specifications for your pool fence.
Are Pool Safety Nets Safe?
Pool safety nets stretch over the pool to prevent accidental falls. Although they can give pool owners peace of mind, pool covers are more sturdy and reliable in preventing accidents and falls. If you don’t have a pool cover or fence, you may want to consider a pool safety net as a temporary solution until you can upgrade your pool’s safety features.


16′ x 40′ – 2″, Depth 3′ – 9″ to 6′ – 3″ *

Soak up the sun in the Synergy, its subtle curves provide the perfect balance between the modern feel of a rectangle and the creative spirit of a freeform.

Specs & Features

Below you will discover a number of details relating to this pool shape. Information included ranges from this shape’s exact measurements to features that are included and available options to consider. If it’s not exactly what you were looking for please make sure to check out our other Similar Models.

Sizes & Specs

16′ x 40′ – 2″, Depth 3′ – 9″ to 6′ – 3″ *


Swim Up Seating

Swim up seating is the perfect way to enjoy your swimming pool. Submerge yourself partially under the water to effortlessly enjoy your pool. Benches and seats bring a great conversation area into the pool. Most folks just want to relax when they hit the water; these offer a great way to do that. In fact, some of our customers have referred to them as their beverage bench. They enjoy winding down at the end of a long day with their favorite beverage in hand.


Slip Resistant Steps

These offer secure entry points into the swimming pool. Both young and old will be using the swimming pool, so it is essential to have a convenient option for entering the pool. All entry steps are easy on the feet and help ensure safety.


Lifetime Warranty

Latham products are known for their innovative technical features, many exclusive and patented, that improve product performance and extend product life. We also pay rigorous attention to detail throughout the manufacturing and Quality Assurance process. Because we design and build our products better, we are able to back them better – with the longest, strongest warranties in the business. please visit YourPoolWarranty.com.


Crystite Color Technology

Crystite Colors and Crystite Technology were introduced to the swimming pool industry in 1995. Over the past 24 years they have become the fiberglass swimming pool industry’s premier color family. This is why Latham offers exclusive color options utilizing this leading edge technology.


Fiberglass Laminate Construction

Latham’s Fiberglass Pools are the strongest in the industry. With the use of Reinforced Ribbing, Carbon Fiber and Biaxal reinforcements as well as Ceramic Infused Polyester combined with Pure VE Fiberglass, Latham is able to achieve increases the strength/flexural stiffness of our shells by 32%.



Waterline tile and mosaics are a fun and creative way to give your pool a personal touch. We are happy to offer a variety of tile options for your pool. Tile is available on steps, floors and around the perimeter. Be sure to ask your Latham Independent Builder to show you the various options and layouts that are available.



Bubblers are the icing on the cake when it comes to having a Water Feature You Can Swim In! These simple built-in features require very little water and are economical to run around the clock. An easy way to create outdoor elegance. Bubblers are available on all Fiberglass swimming pool models, tanning ledges, and fountain pans.


Automatic Vacuums

This is the perfect option to make cleaning your Latham Fiberglass Pool effortless. Different options are available so be sure to check with your Latham Independent Builder for the model that is right for you.



Listen to the intoxicating sounds of waterfalls that originate in the coping of your own Latham Pool. Latham Cascades are available in a variety of sizes and quantities for invigorating and attractive waterfalls that fit the size and landscape of your pool.



Pick and choose your spillways and spill-overs. Make them as wide or as narrow as you desire. You can also add as many as you want! Why be stuck with an ugly, small pre-made spillway? Go with a Latham Pool & you don’t have to!



Enjoy your Latham Fiberglass Pool and Spa long into the night with added lighting options. Choose from a variety of styles and brands to create your perfect late night getaway.


Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledges offer luxury living at its finest. If you are looking to bring home that resort vacation, tanning ledges are a great way to recreate that experience in your backyard. Tanning ledges can vary in depth, our standard for a tanning ledge is 12” from the top of the pool which equates to about  6”-8” of water depth. Outfit the tanning ledge with ledge loungers, bubblers and enjoy your favorite beverage.

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